San Francisco Industrial (SFI) is a member company of the San Francisco Science (SFS) Group. It is made up of mechanical engineers who bring decades of spindle experience, from design to manufacturing several types of non-contact bearings as hydrostatic, aerodynamic, as well as ball bearing spindles. Also included are business executives with a wealth of success in growing technologies and companies, and turning activities into market leaders with worldwide presence.

The San Francisco Science (SFS) strategy is to seek out promising technologies, bring them into its fold as an SFS Company, secure patents, build prototypes, generally develop the technologies into platforms for numerous applications, test the resulting product and take it to market. SFS’s primary focus, therefore, is in serving a project rather than a fund and, for that reason, before any outside (third party) funds are raised or committed, SFS finds the technology, identifies the market for that technology, protects that technology, assembles the right team for that technology and then, and only then, raises funds for that technology.

San Francisco, photo:Patrick Tomasso