Poggipolini Italy

The Emilia Romagna region, located in northern Italy, is famous for its history of passion and excellence in various sectors, but it is also known as Motor Valley. It is the birthplace of important companies engaged both in motorsports and in high-performance automobiles such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani, and Ducati.   Since the 1950's [...]


NEW – SFI Pressure Gauge

Metal cutting machines include the option of coolant through the main spindle. The use is mainly for deep drilling applications. The high-pressure emulsion helps to remove the metal chips from the drilled hole.   The SFI Toodle Spindles use the coolant through the main spindle in order to drive the turbine spindle. The machine pump [...]

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Toodle – finally a spindle which saves you money

The vast majority of metal machine shop expenses are: machine costs; maintenance; staff salaries; AC; and materials. Cutting tools account for only a small portion of the total expenses going into a specific job. And yet, machine shops spend significant efforts in reducing tool expenses and maximizing the usage of each and every tool. When [...]