Toodle Green models are powered by compressed air. Fluctuations in the air pressure may result in fluctuating Toodle Green rotation speeds.

In order to avoid rotation speed fluctuations, one must pay attention to the following rules;

  • An “FRL” unit (Filter, Regulator, Lubrication) is required to operate the Toodle Green, with the air supply flowing through the FRL unit to the Toodle Green.
  • Connect the FRL unit in proximity to the machine using the right grade of either 6 mm or 8 mm rubber hoses with pneumatic fittings (
  • Tune the air supply pressure of the FRL unit to 2 bars (appx’ 30 psi) lower than the average main pressure of the compressor.
  • Note that if the difference between the main pressure supply and the FRL unit pressure is smaller than 2 bars, there may be a reduction in speed during metal cutting operation.
  • Avoid tuning the FRL unit higher than 5 bar (appx’ 72 psi), as this will increase rotation speeds and reduce the bearings lifetime.
  • Avoid using the air for other uses near the machine during metal cutting operation, as this may result in a reduction in air pressure or pneumatic hammering in the air supply line.
  • During “no-load” operation of the Toodle Green, pay attention to the rotation sound. Should you hear speed fluctuations, slowly reduce the air pressure in the FRL unit.
  • Calculate the Toodle Green rotation speed as a function of the air pressure using the calculator or charts that are found on the SFI website (
  • Calculate the output power and torque according to the calculator or chart that are found on the SFI website (
  • Calculate penetration depth and feed rates. Start with low axial depths of cut (ap) and relative high feed rate. Gradually increase the depth of cut and/or the feed rate until reaching the optimum cutting results.

The air being used for Toodle Green operation must be filtered and lubricated.

The best choice for Toodle Green lubrication oil is the low viscosity (VG 10 to VG22) synthetic spindle oils.

One may optimize the oil viscosity according to room temperature, availability, and cost.

The oil dripping frequency must be optimized by the machine operator according to oil viscosity and ambient temperature.


New bearings arrive greased and shielded. It is recommended to promote no-load operation for 30 seconds in order to wash out the grease and then to apply lubrication oil to the bearings. Maintain the air ventilation that comes in through the Toodle Green’s front cover clean and open. In other words, make sure that the holes surrounding the front cover are not clogged or blocked in any other way. Failure to do so could result in ventilation resistance that will cause fluctuations in rotation speeds.

Proper air filtration will increase bearings life-time.

Use filtration of 5 to 10 microns, and periodically visually check the filters.


SFI Technical Team