The Emilia Romagna region, located in northern Italy, is famous for its history of passion and excellence in various sectors, but it is also known as Motor Valley. It is the birthplace of important companies engaged both in motorsports and in high-performance automobiles such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani, and Ducati.


Since the 1950’s Poggipolini, an established, innovative and reliable Motor Valley manufacturer, has been at the forefront of developing manufacturing applications. It has continuously increased its commitment to the market, and thanks to its highly specialized machining of materials such as titanium, carbon, and steel super alloys, today it supplies automakers, Formula One teams, and major aircraft companies.


A few months back, Poggipolini was introduced to the Toodle Spindles for the very first time. Its reaction was extraordinarily positive.  It expressed the following sentiments:


“With this type of product (Toodle Blue 131-90), I was able to solve different problems caused by using tools with very small diameter on live tools, by reducing dramatically the runout and therefore improve the tool life and surface finish.


In the example here attached, I had to solve the problem of how to perform a keyway on a Makino-D500™, in the inner part of an impeller for the Aerospace market, without adding a phase to the working cycle, dedicated to the realization of the same.


The use of this tool is quite easy and intuitive: you only need to assemble the angular Turbine Spindle to the machine and align it to the comparator in the desired direction together with the spindle which is blocked and aligned (M19).

The only operation you need to do before starting the drilling process, is to activate (start) the internal coolant.


The spindle speed stands in proportion to the pressure coolant, and in this specific case we had 20 bar pressure which corresponded to about 53,900 rpm.


The machining results with the Toodle 131-90 where spectacular;


  • spindle rotation speeds
    • standard Head: max 5,000 rpm
    • Toodle: S = 53,900 rpm
  • feed rates
    • standard Head: f = 300 mm/min
    • Toodle: f = 1,000 mm/min


Compared to a standard angular head I could use higher cutoff parameters which have put me at an overall gain of 50%.

We gained a significant increase in the lifetime of the cutting tool, and the surface finish is perfect. Also, as each replacement of the bearings and turbine provide dynamic runout parameters of a new spindle, this product is genius and has no competition.


Poggipolini will adopt the Toodles on more machines and towards many applications.


Thank you SFI for this innovative new spindle.

Thank you, Nicola Melloni ( for introducing us to this great technology.


* Makino-D500™ is a trademark of Makino Japan.


Cristian Bernardi

Poggipolini Italy