Project Description

The Toodle Green models are air mist driven.

For the lubrication we recommend synthetic oils with high film strength and corrosion resistance.

The bearings in the Toodle green are designed to rotate at maximum rotation speed. Therefore, the recommended viscosity should be the lowest possible.

The bearings temperature is approximately 50 to 80 Celsius.

The recommended oil lubrication viscosity is approximately 5 Centistokes.

The recommended lubricating oil:

  • Low environment temperature (lower than 5 Celsius) – ISO VG 10
  • Moderate environment temperature (5 to 25 Celsius) – ISO VG 10 or ISO VG 15
  • High environment temperature (higher than 25 Celsius) – ISO VG 15 or ISO VG 22

The frequency of lubrication is 5 to 8 drops per minutes.