Project Description

Toodle Green spindles are driven by mist (lubricated air). They provide for very high rotation speeds while maintaining perfect run-out values.

TGP1312 (TG131-90) is designed to machine those hard to reach spots of the workpiece, allowing the machine operator to complete the projects on a single machine with a single set-up.

It performs milling, drilling, chamfering and engraving. For those machines equipped with through main spindle mist, Toodle Green 131 requires no machine adaptations, it fits into standard – sealed – tool holders, and several Toodle units may be applied into the machine magazine during the machine set-up. For all other machines, an air hose may be adopted externally via a dedicated tool holder.

The Toodle Green spindles provide for significant cost reductions, including:

  • Longer tool life
  • Shorter machining times
  • Longer main spindle life
  • Freeing machine to perform other tasks
  • Completing all works on a single set-up


Customer Drawing

TGP1312 (TG131-90) Customer Drawing


TGP1312 (TG131-90) Flyer

Performance Document

Toddle green Performance (PDF)

Required products

Mist Device

Mist Device

Assembly Devices

Assembly Devices

Replacement Kit

 Replacement Kits