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Yes, the Toodle may perform drilling application on various materials. The friction clamping between the turbine and tool shank is strong enough to overcome to axial forces during drilling.

For soft materials, we recommend drills up to 5 mm.

For hard materials, we recommend drills up to 3 mm.

The feed rate in drilling applications is extremely important, and should be optimized according to machine and tool parameters.


In case the drill size or the feed rate are too big, the Toodle may be under-powered. As a result, the tool core will penetrate inside the turbine, the tool rotation will stop and the tool cutting edge will brake.

Certainly not. If attempting to re-use turbines, the tolerance from tool shank OD to turbine ID will not be sufficient and the Toodle will not perform leading to tool break. If attempting to re-use the bearings, the Toodle run-out will not be sufficient leading to poor surface finish and tool break.


No. Normally, the Toodle is not affected by a crush. The tool and bearings will be damaged, so replacing to a new tool with new bearings and turbine will completely solve the problem.

The Toodle Blue rotation speed is a function of the through-coolant (or oil) pressure. To measure the through-coolant (or oil) pressure place the SFI Pressure Device into the sealed tool holder and place into the main spindle. Turn on the machine through-coolant (or oil) pressure and read the gage. Now look at the Toodle speed table and learn the rotation speed.

The Toodle Green operates under 5 – 7 [bar] of air pressure (mist), providing 55,000 rpm.

The Toodle rotation speed is a function of a few parameters, as pressure, viscosity and bearing’s friction. The calculation delivers an estimation of the no load speed. During cutting procedure, the rotating speed will be reduced according to the cutting load. Therefore, it essential to promote optimization (few trials) in order to define the optimal cut depths and feed rates for the specific application.

Most likely this is due to the tool shank touching the Toodle rear cover. Disassemble the Tool Assembly from the Toodle, place it back into the Assembly Device, and press the tool further through the turbine and bearings. There should be no more than 5 mm tool shank remaining from the rear bearing.

Sure you can. As the Toodle Blue fits into standard sealed tool holders, you may place several Toodles into the machine magazine during machine set up.

Yes, it actually does. It is a combination from two words, tool and spindle. Tool + spindle = Toodle.


Yes. Remove the Toodle from the tool holder, wash through with running water, spray with WD-40, and place in a safe place. Assure the tool is not damaged.

A decrease in through coolant pressure is most likely a result of the machine’s filters condition. It is recommended to clean wash the filters at the start of each day. A decrease in through coolant pressure will severely affect the Toodles performance.