Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions for tool assembly:

  • The operator must use the SFI assembly device. Never use a device not
    supplied from SFI.
  • The tool assembly includes the cutting bit. Be aware of the cutting edge.
  • Beware while press fit assembling of the bearing and turbine.
  • Assure not to drop the tool assembly while removing it from the assembly
  • Do not re-use the turbines or bearings.
  • Do not remove the turbine and bearings from a cutting bit.

Safety Instructions during assembly procedure of the Toodle inside the tool holder.

  • Clean Internal diameter of the tool holder and external diameter of Toodle
    before assembling.
  • Use a sealed tool holding system.
  • Use cylindrical collets only, like hydraulic chuck or ER systems.
  • Use moderate force while closing the collet, in order to extend Toodle life.
  • Closing Torque for ER 40 collet should be 175 [Nm] or higher. The axial force
    upon the Toodle due to 40 bar is 2,000 [N].
  • During initial run (implementation of emulsion pressure) place the tool holder
    with Toodle near the machine table in order to avoid safety issues. In case the Toodle
    is not properly locked, there may be axial movement between Toodle and tool holder,
    but no damage will be present.

General safety instructions

  • Do not touch the cutting tool during rotation, and do not attempt to stop the
    tool rotation.
  • Do not change replacement kits while the tool holder is clamped in the main
  • Do not attempt to operate the Toodle while the machine door is open.
  • Follow machine instructions at all times (specifically while operating the
  • Only authorized Toodle operators are authorized to operate the Toodle.
  • Do not place your hand or other organs in front of the Toodle while in
  • Before daily operation, inspect Toodle parts status and perfection.
  • Avoid inhalation of the emulsion, oil or air during operation. Use a face mask
    while operation the Toodle.
  • Follow general safety instructions while operating the Toodle – use protecting
    glasses, work shoos and gloves.
  • Avoid loose long hair.
  • Avoid long necklaces and other jewelry.
  • Use common sense at al times.

Routine Inspections

Daily Inspections

  • Check machine filters.
  • Check machine’s pump pressure near the pump using machine integrated
    pressure gauge.
  • Check pressure at tool holder (main spindle end) using the SFI Pressure
  • Check media status – clean filter, oil percentage and coolant temperature.
  • When using Toodle Green, check the lubricating oil level.
  • When using Toodle Green, check air pressure in the supply line.
  • When using Toodle Blue, check coolant level in the tank. Fill as required.
  • Inspect Toodle parts for cracks, fractures or distortions.
  • Inspect Toodle parts for corrosion marks, and remove if needed.
  • Check machine general safety conditions.
  • Inspect tool holder condition.

Hourly Inspections

  • Coolant (emulsion or oil) temperature.
  • Emulsion or oil dust in machine surroundings.
  • Tool status.
  • Cutting surface quality.
  • Change in the noise level.
  • Static run out of new tool (outside the machine).
  • Radial and Axial tool edge position (set point).
  • Sufficient emulsion or oil flow rate from Toodle exhaust.


  • Clean Toodle parts after each use.
  • Apply maintenance oil to the Toodle parts before storing.
  • Clean machine filters every day.
  • Remove corrosion marks from stainless steel Toodle parts.
  • A used tool assembly in good condition should be clean and oiled before
    storing. Do not attempt to disassemble the turbine or bearings from cutting tool.

Row Materials

  • Turbine row material – POM H
  • Bearings – Stainless Steel
  • Toodle housing – Martensit Stainless Steel
  • Front Cover – Austenit Stainless Steel
  • Rear Cover – Austenit Stainless Steel
  • Other supporting Toodle parts – Austenit Stainless Steel
  • O-Rings – NBR