The Toodle™ includes several narrow corridors for air, emulsion or oil.

The areas most susceptible to damage due to improper filtration are:

  • Bearings – between the shield and the inner race
  • Jets – at the turbine blades
  • Turbine – at the gap between the turbine and the housing ID
  • Exhaust – at the exhaust jets array

The bearings, which are the most critical elements, are shielded. This prevents pollution penetration into the balls and race area. The bearings’ metal shield is very effective and, in most cases, completely prevents pollution penetration. The exhaust and the turbine jets have lower filtration needs due to relatively large diameters.

The gap between the turbine and the housing is relatively large (larger than 100µm), therefore any filtration that is better than 100 microns is sufficient.

Toodle Green™ models are driven by high-pressure air mist. The air speed inside the Toodle Green™ models is greater than the coolant or oil speed inside the Toodle Blue™ models. That explains why the filtration grade required for the Toodle Green models is greater than that required for the Toodle Blue models.

Recommendations for inline filtration:


It is important to note that higher filtration grades will not dramatically affect the cutting quality or the bearings’ useful life. Also, every time a used cutting tool is replaced with a new cutting tool, the used bearings are also replaced (with new bearings). Therefore, there are no long-term effects on Toodle performance that result from high filtration grades.

In general, for any Toodle™ application, a filtration grade between 10 to 20 microns (micro-meter) will deliver the required results.


Toodle tech team