The vast majority of metal machine shop expenses are: machine costs; maintenance; staff salaries; AC; and materials. Cutting tools account for only a small portion of the total expenses going into a specific job. And yet, machine shops spend significant efforts in reducing tool expenses and maximizing the usage of each and every tool. When considering micro tools (2 mm and smaller), tools that are gaining in popularity, such high-quality tools are costly, and in most cases require machining parameters, which for the most of machine shops do not exist: high-rotation speeds and precision.

High-rotation speeds may be acquired by adding a high-speed spindle or a speed-increaser, providing rotation speeds of 30,000 to 70,000 rpm. These devices cost between €4,000 to €10,000.

While the high-speed spindles perform great when new, in other words, the dynamic run-out of a new system (precision) is relatively low, both cone tapper and bearings are severely damaged by the high-rotation speeds and work load. Thus, shortly after being used, these spindle systems performance is nowhere near as it was when new. In other words, dynamic run-out grows fast. And poor dynamic run-out leads to poor surface finish quality, shorter tool life, and overall higher machining expenses.

The Toodle™ is a unique spindle system: it is a high speed turbine driven spindle. Its most distinctive feature is that the bearings and turbine are assembled directly onto the tool shank and are regularly replaced by the machine operator. In fact, bearings and turbine are replaced with new ones every time the tool is changed. The outcome is significant and includes:

  • Turning any machine into a high speed machining center
  • Super low dynamic run-out values – always
  • Doubling of the tool life
  • Shorter machining cycles by up to 80%
  • Prolonging main spindle life (idle when Toodle is working)
  • Reducing overall project costs
  • Freeing the machines to perform other jobs

And as if that is not good enough, the Toodle retails for a fraction of competing spindles or speed increasers, and its Replacement Kit (bearings and turbine) retail for less than the price of a standard cutting tool.