* Same tool assembly suitable for all Toodles models

Download Tool assembly procedure (PPTX)

Step #1

Insert the first bearing inside the assembly device, direction does not matter.
Use the right assembly device per tool shank diameter (3, 4 or 6 mm).

Assembly Devices

Tool assembley step 1

Step #2

Insert the turbine inside the assembly device.
Pay attention to the turbine direction; the big cone heads in first.

Tool assembley step 2

Step #3

Insert the second bearing inside the assembly device.
The bearing direction does not matter.

Tool assembley step 3

Step #4

Insert the tool inside the bridge.
Use the right bridge per tool shank diameter (3, 4 or 6 mm).

Tool assembley step 4

Step #5

Place the bridge with tool over the device, so the tool tip is placed in through the top bearing.

Tool assembley step 5

Step #6

Using a press or a vise, push the tool into the device and through the bearings and turbine.


Tool assembley step 6

Step #7

Pull the bridge up and away from the assembly device.

Tool assembley step 7

Step #8

Press the tool further into the device, leaving 5 mm maximum from rear bearing to tool shank end.
Use a press or a vise.

Tool assembley step 8

Step #9

Carefully pull the tool assembly out of the device.

Tool assembley step 9

Step #10

Insert the tool assembly inside the Toodle housing.

Tool assembley step 10

Step #11

Check that the O-Ring is inside the front cover.

Tool assembley step 11

Step #12

Insert the front cover over the tool and screw it onto the Toodle housing.
Use a 24 mm wrench to tighten the cover.

24 mm wrench

Tool assembley step 12

Step #13

Place the Toodle into the tool holder. The Toodle front cover limits the axial position.
Use a sealed tool holder for 25 mm tools.

Tool assembley step 13

Step #14

Tighten tool holder after placing Toodle in place. Torque according manufacture instructions.
The Toodle is ready.

Tool assembley step 14

Complete Tool Assembly

Complete Tool Assembly