Oil Lubrication will affect the following:

  • Bearing noise level
  • Toodle rotation speed
  • Toodle bearings life
  • Toodle output power and torque
  • Temperature elevation in bearings

There are two basic types of lubricants available: oil and grease.
For Toodle applications, where high rotation speeds and relative low torques are involved, oil mist is the preferred option.

Oil is the basic lubricant for the Toodle ball bearings.

The most suitable oils are the synthetic oils, as:

  • Silicone polymers
  • Oil including fluorinatedadditive
  • Esters

The esters are the most widely used synthetic lubricants.

They do not have the film strength capacity of a petroleum product, but do have a wide temperature range and are oxidation resistant.

Synthetic hydrocarbons are finding a greater use in the miniature ball bearing industry.

Silicone products are useful over a much wider temperature range but do not have great load carrying ability. It has become customary in the miniature bearing industry.

The best choice for Toodle Green lubrication oil is the low viscosity (VG 10 to VG22) Synthetic oils.