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How do I know the Toodle Green rotation speeds?

The Toodle Green operates under 5 – 7 [bar] of air pressure (mist), providing 55,000 rpm.

Is the rotating speed calculation precise?

The Toodle rotation speed is a function of a few parameters, as pressure, viscosity and bearing’s friction. The calculation delivers an estimation of the no load speed. During cutting procedure, the rotating speed will be reduced according to the cutting load. Therefore, it essential to promote optimization (few trials) in order to define the optimal [...]

Why does the tool not rotate freely after assembly of a new Toodle?

Most likely this is due to the tool shank touching the Toodle rear cover. Disassemble the Tool Assembly from the Toodle, place it back into the Assembly Device, and press the tool further through the turbine and bearings. There should be no more than 5 mm tool shank remaining from the rear bearing.