• Clean Toodle parts after each use. Wash with clean water and dry.
  • Apply maintenance oil on all Toodle parts before storage (as WD-40).
  • Inspect machine filters every day.
  • Remove corrosion marks from stainless steel Toodle parts and tool holders.
  • A used tool assembly in good condition should be clean and oiled before storage
  • Never attempt to disassemble the bearings or turbine from cutting tool.

Routine Inspection

Daily Inspections

  • Check machine filters.
  • Check machine pump pressure near the pump using machine integrated pressure gauge.
  • Check Pressure at Toodle entrance using the SFI Pressure Device.
  • Check media status – clean filter, oil percentage, temperature.
  • In case of Toodle Green, check oil lubrication quantity.
  • In case of Toodle Green, check air pressure in the supply line.
  • In case of Toodle Blue, check quantity of emulsion or oil in tank. Fill as required.
  • Inspect Toodle parts for cracks, fractures and distortions.
  • Inspect Toodle parts for corrosion marks.
  • Check machine general safety conditions.
  • Inspect tool holder condition.

Hourly Inspections

  • media (emulsion or oil) temperature.
  • Emulsion or oil mist.
  • Tool status.
  • Cutting surface quality.
  • Noise level. how
  • Static run out of new tool (outside the machine).
  • Radial and Axial tool edge position (set point).
  • Emulsion or oil flow rate from Toodle exist. how
  • before front cover assembly, make sure that the O-Ring (black) is inside the cover special slot.
    Not in the right place, should be in the final step of Toodle assembly.