Larger pressure pumps within metal cutting machines are becoming more popular. The variations between the different pressure systems are the pump size, maximum pressure and output power (flow rate). In order to address a variety of pressure systems, we have developed Toodle models with a different number of jets: 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, and 12 jets. When a machine with a large pressure system (high flow rate) is used, select a Toodles with a high number of jets (12) so higher output power can be obtained. Should we try to use a 12 jets Toodle with a small pressure system (low output power), the rotation speed will be relatively low.

How to select a suitable Toodle for a given machine/pressure system?

For this purpose, the new pressure device allows emulsion pressure measurement for all jet figures. The pressure gauge allows for a simultaneous display of the pressure [bar] and the estimated Toodle rotation speed [RPM].

The first step starts when all 12 jets are open. Connect the device to the machine and operate at the maximum emulsion pressure (the gauge upper limit is 60 bar).

Check the rotation speed obtained by the pressure gauge. If the rotational speed obtained is higher than required, gradually decreased the emulsion pressure until the required speed is reached. At this point the system is ready and you may use any of the 12 jets Toodle models.

If the rotational speed obtained at maximum pressure is lower than required, close 3 jets so only 9 jets remain open. Raise the emulsion pressure to the maximum and repeat the procedure as previously described.

One may repeat the procedure with 6, 4, 2, or 1 jet open.

Soon we will provide the Toodle models with 1 jet and 2 jets, suitable for the machines with smaller pressure pumps (low flow rates).